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I drink a lot of wine and talk to myself.

fangirl challenge [1/7] male characters

Stiles - “I’m not a hero.”

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Cameron Monaghan behind the scenes with Bellus Magazine (x)

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supernatural meme: three angels — gabriel [2/3]

I’m in the game now, and I’m not on your side, or Michael’s. I’m on theirs.

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I haven’t been this attached to a video I’ve done in a while. This one is very emotional for me idk why. Hope you all like it when it’s done.

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make me choose | norasparnell/anonymous asked me
↳Fiona Gallagher or Veronica fisher

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In the finale, we find out Ian is likely bi-polar, just like Monica, and the tender way that Mickey strokes Ian’s face as he lies in bed, tells you that their love is truly the heart of the show." (x)

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Don’t fucking tell me what’s impossible.

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