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I drink a lot of wine and talk to myself.

the fact that Justin Bieber is trying to start shit with Legolas is one of the most ballsy things ever

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meg + being kinda good (requested by michaelmeningitis)

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And with that we have fallen in love all over again. #Repost from @violettegreen #robebros


And with that we have fallen in love all over again. #Repost from @violettegreen #robebros

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Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills… running for our lives.

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Scott doesn’t care about power. He cares about people.

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emmy rossum destroys lives with her early morning tuesday instagram pics pass it on

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If you guys want to see what my face looks like and also see me act like an idiot then watch my first YouTube video that will be up first thing in the morning

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Season 10 sneak peak (x)

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Shameless Challenge - [2/3] Favourite Friendships → Mickey & Kevin

- Steven Segall here let somebody take all our cash.
- That’s because your pube loving husband wasn’t doing his job.

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